What is a Recall Committee?

A Recall committee is defined as any campaign committee which accepts contributions or makes expenditures designed to bring about the recall of a public officer or to oppose the recall of a public officer O.C.G.A. § 21-5-34

When do Recall Committees have to register and report in Georgia?

Recall Committees must register with the Commission prior to collecting any contributions or making expenditures.

Forms and Responsibilities for Recall Committees

(NOTE: There is a different filing entity for statewide vs county or municipal recall committees if the Recall committee is required to file reports with the Georgia Government Transparency and Campaign Finance Commission.

Filing Schedule for Recall Committee

  • Recall Committee must file initial report within 15 days after official recall petition forms were issued to the sponsors;
  • Recall Committee must file second report 45 days after the filing of the initial report;
  • Recall Committee must file third report within 20 days after the election superintendent certifies legal sufficiency or insufficiency of the recall petition; and
  • Recall Committee must file final report:
    • If recall election is held, file final report before December 31 of the recall election year
    • If recall election is not held, file final report before December 31 of any year in which the recall committee accepts contributions or makes expenditures.


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