1. Annual lobbyist registration includes one group registration
  2. Lobbyist supplemental registration: $10.00 for each additional group
    a. A registered lobbyist is required to specifically identify each group registration they are renewing for the upcoming calendar year.
    b. If adding any new groups, the lobbyist must bring a hard copy supplemental registration form with an original client signature authorizing this lobbyist to lobby on the organization’s behalf.
  3. Lobbyist identification card: $20.00 each (Lobbyists are required to get an updated badge each year)

Lobbyist registration fees can be paid via money order or check made out to the Campaign Finance Commission or in person with a Visa, Mastercard or Discover credit card. Payment for the supplemental registration fees and badge fee should be made in a single check, if at all possible. The Commission will accept payments by personal check but, we have attached W-9 information for the Commission to facilitate payment via company check, as well.

To expedite processing of checks, please write your lobbyist number on the memo line of the check and include a printout of your registration confirmation in the mailing envelope. Please allow at least two weeks for processing.

Checks to pay lobbyist registration fees should be hand delivered or mailed to the Commission at:
Georgia Campaign Finance and Government Transparency Commission
200 Piedmont Avenue S.E.
Suite 1402 West Tower
Atlanta, Georgia 30334
Attention: lobbyist registration fees

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