Where are the candidate reports filed?

All state wide and state level candidates are required to electronically file campaign contribution disclosure reports with the Commission.

Candidates must file a PIN application found in the forms section of the Commission website in order to begin filing electronically if they have not already done so.

Candidates seeking election to county or municipal offices may use electronic means to file their campaign contribution disclosure reports if such method is made available or may file by certified mail, or statutory overnight delivery, or personal delivery.

File with the County Election Superintendent if you are a …..
 State Court Judge
 Solicitor
 Clerk of Superior Court
 Sheriff
 Tax Commissioner
 Tax Assessor
 Tax Receiver
 Tax Collector
 Other Elected Count Office (except Soil & Water Conservation District Supervisors)
 Coroner
 Magistrate
 County Commissioner
 Judge of Probate Court
 Judge of Civil Court
 Judge of Recorders Court
 School Board Member
 Surveyor

File with the municipal clerk or, if there is no clerk, with the chief executive officer of the municipality if you are a ……
 Mayor
 Alderman
 Judge of Municipal Court
 Other Elected Municipal Office
 Council Member
 Clerk of Municipal Court
 Marshall of Municipal Court

File with the appropriate office if you meet the registration and reporting requirements for the following committees at a Local Level:
 Recall Committees
 Ballot Committees
 Independent Committees
 Persons that make contributions or expenditures in excess of $25,000.00 in a calendar year

Graduated late fees of $125, $250 and $1,000 are imposed by the person or entity with which filing is required for failure to timely file.

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