Filing Responsibilities for Candidates & Candidate Committees

Filing a Declaration of Intention to Accept Campaign Contributions (FORM DOI)
CANDIDATE: If you are not currently a public officer holding elective office and plan to run, you must file a Declaration of Intention to Accept Campaign Contributions Form (Form DOI) with the Commission before accepting any campaign contributions. A candidate should file a PIN application (CCDR and PFD) shortly after filing Form DOI to ensure that he/she can E-file all CCDRs and PFD.

Campaign Committee Registration By Candidate (FORM RC)
CANDIDATE COMMITTEE: If a candidate forms a campaign committee, the candidate must register the committee with the Commission prior to accepting any contributions by filing the Form RC. No contributions may be accepted at any time there is a vacancy in either the position of chairman or treasurer, although the same person may serve as chairperson and treasurer including the candidate himself.

Choosing Option of Separate Accounting (FORM COOSA)
CANDIDATE OR CANDIDATE COMMITTEE: A candidate may declare intent to keep separate accounting for each election in an election cycle by filing the COOSA Form. Upon filing the COOSA, a candidate may accept funds for a future election that is not the candidate’s next upcoming election (candidates may only receive funds for prior elections in order to retire debt). For example, if the candidate’s next upcoming election is the primary, by filing a COOSA form the candidate may accept contributions for both the primary and the general election.

Campaign Record Keeping
CANDIDATE OR CANDIDATE COMMITTEE: The following are the record keeping requirements under the Campaign Finance Act for both candidates and candidate committees; Detailed records must be kept of all contributions received and expenditures made. Records must be maintained by the candidate or treasurer of a campaign committee and may be inspected by the Commission at any time. The right of inspection may be enforced by the Courts in the State of Georgia. Records of the accounts kept by a candidate or candidate’s committee are required to be preserved for three years from the termination date of the candidate’s campaign. However, since public disclosures are maintained for not less than five years, candidates are advised to keep records for at least five years.

Personal Financial Disclosure Statement (PFD)
CANDIDATE: Candidates must file a PFD within 15 days after qualifying for election for most candidates, within 7 days after qualifying in reference to candidates for statewide office.

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