What is a Vendor Gift Disclosure?

The Vendor Gift Disclosure report is filed with the Commission and lists:
• the gift amount and date of receipt;
• the name and mailing address of any vendor making the gift; and
• the name, address, and position of each public employee receiving the gift.
Each report filed is verified by oath and contain cumulative totals of all gifts which have been made or received in a calendar year and which are required to be reported.

Who files Vendor Gift Disclosures?

Any VENDOR who, directly or through another person, gives gift(s) to one or more PUBLIC EMPLOYEES, and the total value of such gifts in a calendar year is $250.00+ (aggregated) shall file a disclosure report with the Commission.

  • VENDOR= a person who sells/contracts to provide goods or services for any branch of state government, including state departments, boards, bureaus, agencies, and/or commissions
  • PUBLIC EMPLOYEE = any person employed by the executive, legislative, or judicial branch of state government or any department, board, bureau, agency, commission, or authority… but not elected officials
  • GIFT = anything of value including a gratuity, subscription, membership, trip, meal, loan, extension of credit, forgiveness of debt, advance or deposit of money.

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