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Training Resources

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The Commission offers a number of free training classes http://media.ethics.ga.gov/training/trainingSCHD.aspx [1]. We recommend that all interested parties attend the in-class training workshops to gain a better understanding of the Act and its requirements. However, additional online educational materials and training videos on a number of the same subjects are available below.



Candidates, Public Officials, and Other Interested Persons

Teaches about the requirements of the Campaign Finance Act for candidates and public officials. Topics may include preliminary matters, definitions, forms, reports, late filing fees, contribution limits, and campaign records.


Teaches how to file a campaign contribution disclosure report



Teaches the Campaign Finance Act and how it applies to Lobbyists. Topics may include lobby levels, registration, what are and are not expenditures, reporting, when to file, how to file, how to utilize the electronic filing system.


Teaches how to efile a Lobbyist Expenditure Report


Personal Financial Disclosure Statements & Affidavit of a Public Officer

This document provides a highly detailed, step-by-step explanation of how to access and navigate the PFDS portion of the E-filing system, explains which forms (Affidavit vs. PFDS) should be filled out by which Public Officers, explains how to change offices within the PFDS system, gives directions on how to complete the Affidavit and walks the filer through completing the various portions of the PFDS, and much more. Includes many helpful screen-shots.


Qualifying Officer

This powerpoint provides a detailed step-by-step explanation of the duties and responsibilities of a Qualifying Officer, including how to access the Qualifying Officer Electronic Reporting System (QOERS), how to navigate and use the QOERS system and much more. Contains many helpful screen shots.


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